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Since 1962, the Archipel team of enthusiasts invites you to discover the Greek islands on board its yachts in a simple and authentic way. We believe our success and reputation are attributed to our professional friendly crew and well maintained boats. Our commitment to superior service is what sets us apart from other operators. Together, we have a deep knowledge of the onboard conditions you are likely to experience, the Aegean Sea environment and how to ensure you have a memorable and safe sailing vacation. We offer skippered/fully crewed yacht charters as well as catamaran cabin charters.
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Dimitri and Odile Gritsis, two sailing enthousiasts, establish Archipel in Athens.

Dimitri and Odile tuning their racing boat.

Contrasting to the low, wet and intricate yachts of those days, our fleet consisted of simple, user-friendly, ocean capable boats.

Business is conducted by snailmail and marketing is carried out with classified ads in european yachting magazines. The yachts provides the luxuries of the 60’s: dry bunks, cool drinks, hot meals and (sparingly) a fresh water shower. For Northamericans the fashion is to buy a second hand VW van in the Netherlands, tour Europe and cruise the Greek islands on one of ten Archipel’s sailing yachts.

George Gritsis at 10 years old. Athens.
1987 / 1997

Map of the two sailing world wide tours of George Gritsis.

In 2003, George and Vanessa take over the management. They move Archipel to Paros in the heart of the Cyclades islands, a world renowned sailing paradise. While they remain faithful to the principles which led the previous generation, they create a custom charter catamaran fleet, the Pahi. These purpose built yachts are to sail, no-nonsense and above all sea worthy.

Archipel's base in Paros, Parikia.

George Gritsis and his crew during the maiden voyage to Greece of the first custom built Pahi catamaran.

James Wharram and George Gritsis in discussion.

George Gritsis training his 9 and 8 years old boys in Parikia's bay, Paros.
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George Gritsis
Operations Manager
Date of birth: 1959
George spend 2 decades circumnavigating the globe under sail and skippering large yachts. In 2000 he receives a literary prize for the narrative of his voyages while in 2006 he won the "Man of the Year Award" in Greece for his maritime achievements. When he is not skippering, he can be found at the pier making sure things are running smoothly and our yachts are in perfect condition. George loves to share the wonders of the Greek culture with everyone, so be prepared to learn a lot!
Vanessa Rousselot
Bookings, Logistics
Date of birth: 1973
Vanessa is Archipel's office star, handles all enquiries, bookings and website. While she values perfect logistics, particularly in the harsh marine environment, she will give you all the necessary info and assistance you may need, 24/7.
Having traveled a lot off the beaten track and mother of three, families will value her experience onboard yachts with children.
Eric Capela
Date of birth: 1969
Eric is a French passionate sailing lover and has gained a vast amount of sailing experience in Greece as well as an extensive knowledge of how to smoothly handle groups onboard yachts. With his steady and friendly character he makes everyone immediately feel confortable onboard and is well liked and trusted among our guests.

Eva Vagher
Date of birth: 1985
Eva grew up in the Greek islands with virtually one foot οn land, the other on the water. Co-skipper on international sailing yachts for several years, at 26 she becomes a proficient captain. Energetic and friendly, she has not finished impressing sailors. Trilingual, she speaks Greek, French and English, one more reason to let her be your guide in the Greek islands.


Antonis Biskentzis
Date of birth: 1973
Born and grew up in Paros by a family of sailors, Antonis has been working for 13 years as professional Officer onboard merchant navy ships and 4 years as Skipper in S/Y in the Mediterranean sea. He will be your insider connection to the local Greek island community and a font of invaluable knowledge about cool or romantic places to go that no bareboater would ever know about.


Bertrand Benoit
Date of birth: 1969
French born and merchant marine certified, Bertrand Benoit has sailed since his childhood. Having spent 15 years crewing renowned classic yachts, he then goes sailing on his own. After his last transatlantic crossing, he finally decided to settle at the heart of the Cyclades,on the island of Amorgos. This Greek maritime tradition enthusiast will undoubtly make you discover the hidden charms of the Greek islands.

Raphael Noirot
Date of birth: 1986
Raphael, the Norman of our team, is a sailing buff boasting lots of professional sailing in the Atlantic and the Aegean sea. With a history degree, he found in the Greek islands the ideal territory to combine his passion for sailing and his thirst for culture.

Vaggelis Patrikis
Date of birth: 1968
Vaggelis was born in Athens. He has graduated from the Merchant Marine Academy of Oinnousses Chios. He holds an A’ class Master Captain’s diploma as well as a diploma of offshore sailing and advanced medical and life safety certificates. He started his career from various tankers and cargo ships travelling all over the world. Since 2009 he is the permanent captain of the luxury Lagoon 500 catamaran. He speaks fluent Greek and English.

Kostas Tsoumas
Date of birth: 1976
When at sea Kostas feels at home. He works as a skipper since 2007, traveled around Greece on many vessels, and on his private one since 2009. Speaks fluent English and Spanish, feels high when swimming, windsurfing or participating in offshore regattas. He would rather sail than motor even in light airs and likes to share his passion. When not traveling, winters at his village on mt Pelion, cultivating his olive trees.

Filippos Deyantis
Date of birth: 1987
Filippos is a Greek engineer with a vast sailing experience of Greece as well as an extensive knowledge in yacht technology and maintenance. With his discreet and friendly character he makes everyone feel comfortable onboard and is well liked among our guests.

Tina Tetau
Boat cleaning, Laundry
Date of birth: 1988
This young trusty lady is kept busy daily ensuring that our yachts and laundry are clean and tidy. She gets her job done quickly and efficiently.

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